Black and White

white and black – when world is painted – most beautiful.

This one is made in honouring standing up for equality and I am so sorry about what is happening in USA.

I condemn the murder of the black man by the police murderer.

I condemn the violence going on and the looting of shops.

My princess dresses

I love my dresses my mother made to me when I was a child. I have saved them dearly. They are so well and neat done.

My mother also sewed dresses to the princesses of Sweden because she was so particular when sewing. The princesses are our King’s sisters.

hon hade en dröm

iklädd blommor

och söta rynkor

She had a dream – dressed in flowers – and cute wrinkles.


Carpe Diem Extra #43.
Carpe Diem Kamishibai Kurisumasu.

I took the flight. Like I so often do. To my favorite city in Europe. Budapest in Hungary. The center of all kind of arts. The city of many festivals. Now it is Christmas market. Everybody is out and I love mingling around with my Canon. All kinds of handicraft. All kinds of Hungarian food – made out in the air. Chimney cakes baked for never ending queues. All kinds of languages spoken. Some people or many actually like the mulled wine but I don’t. But I wouldn’t say no to an Unicum.

palinka warms up
the most frozen body talks
egészégére (skål!)